Thomas Mutschler

am 10.12.1967

Job Experience:
von 1984-1988

1984- April 1986 Equestrian Club Schwäbisch Gmünd, Trainer:
Rolf Dieter Woehst, Karin Hess Müller

April-December 1986 Dressage Training
In Dressage Riding Stable Leibfarth in Bad Wörishofen. Trainer: Karl Leibfarth

Ab Mai 1986 - 1988 Horse Breeding Association
Baden-Württemberg in Marbach, Trainer: Hubert Schulze Rückamp

Advanced Training in Dressage
In Dressage Riding Stable Görgens in Grafenberg near Metzingen, Trainer: Herbert Görgens

11.March 1988 – Bereiter Exam
German Riding School Exam in Warendorf to fully qualified groom with specialisation in Riding, Bereiter FN

1988-1995 – Training in Riding and Horses
on-stay in Donzdorf, highly successful in Show Jumping up to Class S

1994-1995 – Advanced Training in Dressage
Collaboration with the horse ranch Brunnenfeld in Gingen an der Brenz , Dressage up to class S, Trainer: Detlev Pelz

März 1994 – Master Exam
Master Exam (writing) at the Chamber of Agriculture in Münster (Parts three and four)

21.12.1995 – Master Exam
Master in Equestrian Economic - Master Exam at the German Riding School Warendorf (Part one and two).

Since 1996 – Self employed
Self employed Riding Teacher FN on-stay in Donzdorf. Highly successful in Show Jumping up to Class S.

My Philosophy

Long Term Success:
can not be developed under pressure, but with serious training and a constant motivation.

Advanced Riding:
a real basic training for rider and the horse is an essential condition for a successful advanced training.

If you are looking for a qualified trainer for both – rider and horse - please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Riding teacher: Thomas Mutschler