School horses in the pasture
 School horses in the pasture
 School horses in the pasture

Classic Champ

Classic Champ

  • Race: Oldenburg
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Colour: black
  • Date of birth: 05.29.1987

The age of 30
Shows you were diligent.

At 30 years
You know about dangers,
You know the happiness,
If only one piece.

You are now drawing your circles
And from now on,
I'm aware.

All the best, health to the next year,

Continued to give us joy in the new year



  • Race Hannover
  • Sex Gelding
  • Colour dark brown
  • Date of birth     03.07.1996



  • Race: Württemberg
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Colour: brown
  • Date of birth: 03.23.1992
  • + 02.21.2014  9.55 am

With the life it is, how with a play:
it does not depend on how long it was,
but how brightly.

The colours and joys from pastly to days, they are preserved to us for good.

We miss a loyal companion in our middle.

 Wendelin 172


  • Race: Hannover
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Colour: dark brown
  • Date of birth: 05.27.1987
  • + 07.30.2014  pm 10.05

It hurts to feel this emptiness, it hurts not to feel and touch you. Have never gave up despite the shortness of breath, you have wrested power to live. It would be so much to learn, it'd give to you so many questions. Our love for you will give us to live with you in our hearts more power. You loved life so, but death has defeated you.

I had to be the happiness and joy, 23 years Your friend and companion.

Thank you for all these years


Gigolo 198

  • * 02.18.1984
  • +12.31.2011      8.00  am

The bad thing is not the fact in the death,
that he takes a beloved friend us
but rather,
that it leaves us with our memories alone.

You were a friend and companion, who made every day special in life.

We miss you very much.